Thursday, August 12, 2010

Seeing blue

Oh, how I love the color blue. It's so peaceful and soothing. I have two favorite colors, green and blue, to be specific, Kelley green and Porcelain blue (commonly known as Robin's Egg blue, but I like to call it Porcelain). I love the color pink as well, but I do not consider it a favorite. Anyway, I have used Porcelain blue a lot throughout our home while decorating and I just really love the color. I guess my two favorite colors stem from my love of the beach and the beautiful shades of blue and green I see while looking at the water.

How cute is this timer (it's magnetic too!)?
Love the BLUE zebra print!
Adds a little somethin' to any outfit
This makes me want to go buy a dozen eggs to put on display!
I need this precious tote bag!
Pretty and fun!
I love how each dish perfectly nests in the other

P.S. On a personal note, today marks the tenth year that my father passed away. Oh, how I miss him.


* Cute dress, retro-looking timer, zebra print melamine plate, fun necklace, adorable egg crate, too-cute tote bag, dressy and fun earrings, lovely tableware.

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