Thursday, October 27, 2011

Boot Loot 2011

It's that time of the year again, the time so many girls get very excited's time for boots! I love boots and even though it's the end of October, the temperatures have been fluctuating a lot here so I have been switching up my daily style of shoe choice based on whether it's 80 or 50-something degrees outside. I have already worn a few pairs of boots this fall and based on the upcoming forecast, it looks like soon I will be able to wear my boots whenever I would like. Here are some boots that have caught my eye this season...

Yes, please. And now let's look at the gorgeous backs, shall we...
So so pretty.

Love these cute booties.

Here is the taller version of the one above. I adore these. The color and the buckles. Yes and yes.

Sexy high heeled booties. Fun for a night out.

Mid-calf boots. Loving the contrast of the leather and suede.

Classics. And they'll last too.

I first spotted these in the store months ago and I look at them every time I'm in there. I like.

Super cute camel booties.

These look comfortable. And I like the gray option too.

How fun are these pink Hunter's?! I have them in brown and they're my go-to for rainy or snowy days, plus they are really comfortable.

Or these bright pink Sperry's are just as fun. When it's gloomy outside and you're not feeling it, these could be the perfect remedy.


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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Time for Halloween

It's almost mid October which means that it's time for Halloween decorations and party planning. There have been a bunch of adorably decorated doorsteps popping up in our neighborhood and I love to see all of them when we walk around. I think it's really fun to decorate the inside and outside of my home for the fall and Halloween season.

Happy Halloween!


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