Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sprinkling in Some Glam: How Does Your Garden Grow? {Part I}

First of all, i am not by any account, known for having a green thumb...mine is more latte colored! I really try to grow beautiful plants, but i seem to be challenged in this department. My sister, Katie, LOVES to garden and she is spectacular at it (she has a kick booty garden) and my mother is as well. That gene skipped right over me, i guess. I just planted some herbs and flowers, so we'll see how it goes this year round. I am determined to have a pretty + thriving garden! We do live in a townhouse, where the grounds are maintained by a landscaping service, so all of my plants are in pots and i've decided that I'll just blame it on that if my garden is less than successful! I find that I get really excited when I have great looking gardening decor, tools and accessories. I am an accessories girl and I manage to find plenty with any hobby I find myself getting into (this is up for debate if the accessories are necessary and/or make me any better at said hobby)! I am inspired by some really cute gardening accessories that i've found. Sometimes gardening tools and accessories can be drab and ho-hum...these are anything but...

Love this potting shed bar

Cute gardening gloves are a must have to keep the dirt from getting underneath your nails

Really pretty antiqued iron garden chair to sit alone or... go along with this lovely antique table

Cloche's look so sophisticated and i love them, especially when they're part of an arrangement like this

Gorgeous colored planters that look great, even if your plants don't look the best

Simple and stunning

Fun little decorative mushrooms

Love the detail of these planters

Whimsical garden stem

Hydrangeas are some of my favorite and I love the moss pots that these are planted in

These are some of the cutest garden markers that I've seen

I really like this watering can, which acts like decor when not being used

Bright + fun gardening boots

I want this adorable burlap lantern

I love using vintage crates as planters

Sweet little moss birdhouse

I think the structure of this wooden + glass lantern is really cool

Love these glass hanging terrariums

Citronella candles have never looked so good

These globe string lights are my favorite style for sprucing up your outdoor space

Now if i could just get my garden looking something like one of these lovelies...

i mean, really???? Have you ever seen a cuter gardening shed???? Actually, i should say, gardening house!


And the kids can enjoy the garden in this insanely beautiful play house!

Modern city garden

Oh yeah, this looks doable

This little garden is charming, but I really love it against this striking blue wall

...I'll know i'm doing something right! Time will tell...! A girl can dream though, right?!


*pretty garden bar, cute garden gloves, iron antiqued chair, white antique round table, pretty bell cloche, gorgeous round aqua planters, planted edibles, decorative cement mushrooms, green scaled planters, metal agapanthus garden stem, pretty potted hydrangeas, mini birdhouse garden markers, antiqued watering can, bright blue boots, hanging burlap lantern, vintage crate, little moss birdhouse, lantern, hanging glass bubble planters, citronella hive candles, globe string lights, all other images courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens, Google Images and Tumblr.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hello Stud(ded)!

I think studs add great detail. Depending on my mood, i love to mix my more girly pieces with edgy studs to break down the girlyness of an outfit. I love how they come in all different shapes, sizes & colors. And let's face it, studs just look cool, especially if they're done right.

This dress is so fun! I love the color! Unfortunately it is no longer available, but i think it's still fun to look at.

Oh, those oversized studs!!! I want this bag...badly!

These studs look so dainty and pretty

I adore wrap-around watches, and i think this one is perfect

Studs can even look great on pillows

I think a great studded belt is an essential and i especially love how this one is braided + studded

Gotta love the studded detail on these gladiators

Hexagon shaped studs!

This adorable jewelry box from Anthropologie is no longer available, but i loooove it

Glamorous studded striped sweater

I have a pair of Minnetonka moccasins (my pair are not studded though) and they're the most comfortable pair of shoes i own, hands down!

Cute shoes!

Last week i went down to Florida to visit my family and had the. best. time.!!! I got to see my beloved beach, ate a lot of delicious seafood and talked Katie's ear off! We had a blast! :)


*party dress, awesome Milly bag, strappy Manolo sandals, wrap watch, linen pillow, brown braided belt, canvas gladiators, hexagon wrap bracelet, cute jewelry box, striped sweater, Minnetonka moccasins, leather + canvas Tracy Reese sandals