Monday, November 22, 2010

Counting Our Blessings

Well, Thanksgiving is almost here! We will be going to up to Matt's parents gorgeous home in the mountains for our annual Thanksgiving family get together and I am getting very excited!

I will be making our staple contribution, homemade cranberry sauce. This will be my fourth year making cranberry sauce from scratch (I have been making it since Matt and I were dating) because Matt loves the stuff and used to eat the canned kind (because no one else cares for it!) and when we met I could not bear to buy that stuff because frankly, it grosses me out! I think most people put it on the table to add some pretty color. The homemade version is actually good and it looks appetizing, it is not gelled nor does it look like the mold of the inside of a can, plus it's super easy to make. I will also be making lots of other little treats. I have a lot to do to before Thursday!

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!


*images courtesy of  Country Living and Southern Living

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sprinkling in Some Glam: Pie time

I am starting a series called Sprinkling in Some Glam. I have found that there are many tasks that can be a bit ordinary but have the opportunity to be a little glammed up. This is not a necessary thing, by any stretch of the imagination, but can make simple tasks a lot more fun and glamorous, like for instance...baking a pie!

Well, it's that time of the year...Holiday cooking has officially begun! I realize that everyone may not be so excited about this, but I happen to really enjoy it...this may or may not be because the time has not come for us to host Thanksgiving or Christmas, we are currently still the travelers who come to visit! With that being said, I always contribute something, even if it is as simple as chocolate covered pretzels! :)

Gotta start with a cute little apron

And a pretty pie dish

As well as this adorable little pie bird to match!

This pie cookbook would make a great gift

Really fun mini pie molds

Even the pie crust shield can be cute!

Another great pie dish

Loving these sparkling gold buck measuring cups

This rolling pin may not be the cutest, but i have it and it works like a charm!

Happy glam baking!


*Cute apron, pie dish, adorable pie bird, pie cookbook, mini pie molds, pie crust shield, ruffled pie dish, gold-tipped buck measuring cups, rolling pin

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Lately I have been swooning over these gorgeous photos...
This photo is perfect and I'd like to think that it leads to this fairy-tale like table that looks as if it fell out of a dream...

And on a side note, i am really loving these adorable spooled candles from Anthropologie.
I mean really, how cute are these?


*photos courtesy of Google images, tumblr and Anthropologie

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Catty Crush

I love leopard print. There is just something about it. Used tastefully of course. And in small doses, not head-to-toe. It just looks so chic.

Love this, it's so unexpected

Great dress for all the upcoming Holiday parties

I really like this faux-fur vest

Perfectly pretty wedges

If only I had unlimited funds

Adorable little flats. I love the little pops of color!

Really fun welly socks

Great belt that goes with so much

I hope y'all had a Happy Halloween! One of my bff's, Catie came to visit last weekend. I love when she comes to visit because we always have a great time! She arrived Thursday night so we could have all day Friday and Saturday to shop and eat and drink and eat and shop some more! We had a ball. We had a late dinner at Nava in Buckhead on Friday night and yesterday morning Matt told me about an article he read in the paper about how Jennifer Aniston (who has been in town filming a movie, that just wrapped) had dinner at Nava on Friday night as well. We must have just missed her...dang it...if only we had the opportunity to meet her, we could've become her new bff's and she could have dropped that unfortunate looking (i mean, really, how gorgeous is she!?) Courtney Cox like a hot potato! ;) Maybe next time!


*Unexpected staircase, chic black dress, fabulous faux-fur vest, gorgeous wedges, amazing handbag, adorable flats, fun welly socks, skinny patent belt