Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sprinkling in Some Glam: How Does Your Garden Grow? {Part II}

Hopefully y'all are not sick of my gardening posts yet! Well, gardens are blooming everywhere I look and I am loving it! My little garden is doing pretty good (shockingly!) and I am really enjoying it! I love this time of year. We have had a lot if rain in Nashville (which definitely gets old at times), but the bright side is everything is so green and gorgeous! I wanted to share some more pretty garden tools and accessories that I think can make gardening a little more exciting for those whose gardens may not necessarily be a contender for garden of the month. And I also thought I would throw in a few more photos that I've run across over time and happen to find really inspiring...

Hello! I am crazy about this chair...indoors or out!

I would love to display some pretty potted plants on this fantastic cart

These vintage garden markers add some unexpected glamour

A pretty garden hose?! Why not!

Love this garden bench. I can picture the canopy overgrown with ivy.

Simple + pretty galvanized watering can

Fresh herbs are a great way to start a garden, plus they're easy to maintain.

A lovely way to display some fresh-cut flowers from your garden

Really cute little pinecone planter

Black + white paper lanterns to spruce up any outside space

A great basket to use for gathering up veggies and fruit from your garden (I wish i had a garden that produced enough fruit and/or veggies to need this basket)!

Bright and happy melamine plates for those outside summertime meals

I adore this roped cloche

Add some candle light with these porcelain hurricanes

Colorful wire trellis supports for those climbing plants

There is something so satisfying about growing flowers or produce from seeds

I soooo want this bench!

And here are some more garden photos that I find inspiring and will maybe get your creative thoughts reeling...

I absolutely adore this teapot staircase garden!

Love all the blue

Amazingly interesting rooftop garden...love the drawer planters!

Gotta an extra over-the-door shoe hanger handy? Here's a great way to put it to use!


So so so pretty

LOVE this!

So, this is a greenhouse, yes, i'm serious!

This reminds me of that movie The Secret Garden, has anyone else seen that? My sisters and I used to watch it when we were little


I hope y'all had a Happy Memorial Day weekend! I feel like it went by soooo fast!

*The cutest turquoise chair, green garden pushcart, vintage silverware garden markers, blue garden hose, green circle garden bench, tin watering can, herb planters, glass hanging vases, aged pinecone planter, b+w paper lanterns, wire clam basket, bright melamine plates, roped cloche, white porcelain hurricanes, colorful trellis supports, wildflower seed collection, blue wire bench All other images courtesy of Google images and Tumblr


  1. I've got a pretty good feeling that you have a few more creative ideas up your sleeve like the ones above for our garden. Love you girl!

  2. all i can say is a.maz.ing! : )

  3. Love that bench! Someday when I actually have a garden instead of just dirt and rocks I definitely need a cool bench like that. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I'd love that picture of the teapots on the staircase for my kitchen. Where did you find it?


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