Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Last week my sister, Katie, was here for a visit! If you have read my blog at all you know how close Katie and I are and how much I love when she comes up to visit us...this time was no different. We had a ball! This was her first visit to Nashville so we did a lot of exploring and had a ton of fun. We also laughed a lot, which is always a wonderful thing.

Matt and Me at dinner

Katie and me

Us at Margot's

We had some delicious drinks at some cool bars


Matt & me after church on Easter Sunday

Love her and I am already anticipating her next visit!

Katie and I went to some of the awesome antique stores in downtown Franklin and I could not take my eyes off this little piece of fabulousness

Love it!

Here is the Easter tree that I decorated and put in our living room

I have since taken it down, but I wanted to share it because it's so happy and cute

And on another note, my husband is super sweet and very thoughtful (most of the time!) but I thought the nice delivery lady had the wrong house when I opened the door this morning and saw this gorgeous arrangement in her hands...

Peonies are my favorite!


But then she said they were for me and I happily accepted them. Today is the anniversary of when Matt & I met and he always does something sweet and unexpected to acknowledge the date (which I feel embarrassed to admit has previously slipped my mind in the past and i felt pretty crappy when I did not know why he was giving me a sweet card and little something out of the blue). I am very grateful to have a hubby who always remembers this day and I think it is really cute.



  1. Your Easter tree was adorable! I actually thought that it was an image from a magazine before I read that it was yours.
    I'm looking forward to getting some of your fabulous design advice for my own place:-D

  2. Thanks Amy! :)

    I am very excited to see you's been too long.

  3. touche' amy, i love the easter tree too! sooo whimsical! i had a blast. your place is gorgeous and can't wait to return. lucky lady with those beautiful flowers. definitely one of the prettiest bouquets i have ever seen!



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