Monday, August 23, 2010

A glimpse into our home

I figured since summer is quickly coming to an end (by the way, where the heck did it go???) I would show some pictures of our living room. I love to decorate and I always have, since I was a little girl. I am certainly not a professional decorator, in any way, shape or form, but I do decorate all on my own and will always do so. I tend decorate in a style that I like to call, Eclectically Polished (!) Ha! I know that sounds funny, but I call it that because I put together things that I love in a room and I believe that when I do that, things have a nice way of coming together. I get things when I see them and love them. I usually do not buy in sets. I like to mix and match. Our living room has been decorated with coastal accents (it is the only room in our home decorated like this) for the spring and summer. With the season change coming upon us I will be moving a few things around for fall, so I wanted to share these pictures while they still fit in with the season...
Love the stripes! The color is called Antique Silver. I thought them up and thankfully my mom was still in town and did the labor intensive painting because I was still recovering from surgeries. Thanks again Mom!
By the way, I would like to say, (I apologize in advance hunny, but you know how I feel about these) that the black leather couches came before my time and we will be updating sometime soon and moving these into his so-called "Man Room" by his request! ;)
I would also like to say that, yes, I know we live in Atlanta and we are not located on the coast. Please humor me and my coastal accent pieces because I find comfort in the beach, it makes me feel good and happy, and I hope you like it as well!

I painted every other starfish the same color as the stripes on the wall

My awesome sister Meghan, was in town for a couple of days last week and we had such a good time! Her birthday was yesterday, and she got a super cute dress while she was here to wear out to her birthday dinner! Happy Birthday Meg!!!! Come back soon doll!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Seeing blue

Oh, how I love the color blue. It's so peaceful and soothing. I have two favorite colors, green and blue, to be specific, Kelley green and Porcelain blue (commonly known as Robin's Egg blue, but I like to call it Porcelain). I love the color pink as well, but I do not consider it a favorite. Anyway, I have used Porcelain blue a lot throughout our home while decorating and I just really love the color. I guess my two favorite colors stem from my love of the beach and the beautiful shades of blue and green I see while looking at the water.

How cute is this timer (it's magnetic too!)?
Love the BLUE zebra print!
Adds a little somethin' to any outfit
This makes me want to go buy a dozen eggs to put on display!
I need this precious tote bag!
Pretty and fun!
I love how each dish perfectly nests in the other

P.S. On a personal note, today marks the tenth year that my father passed away. Oh, how I miss him.


* Cute dress, retro-looking timer, zebra print melamine plate, fun necklace, adorable egg crate, too-cute tote bag, dressy and fun earrings, lovely tableware.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One day, I will get there!

Since I was 12 I have wanted to go to Bora Bora! Really, I'm not joking, since I was 12!

Well, I kind of hate to admit it but, like so many others I was sucked into The Bachelorette this season. So, when it came down to the last few episodes, I was watching more for the gorgeous aerial tours of Bora Bora than the drama of which adorable bachelor Ali was going to ultimately end up choosing :) I do have to admit though that I don't blame her choice (I mean, how cute is Roberto?!?), I absolutely did feel for Chris though, but something tells me he will not have a problem meeting another lovely girl. How cool was the rainbow that appeared after Ali left him heartbroken? I have to say, I was balling like a little girl.

Okay, enough of The Bachelorette and back to the wonderfully beautiful Bora Bora. I am soooo itching to get there! And The Bachelorette did nothing to help this itch! I kept shouting to my husband (who was sweet enough to sit in the same room with me as I watched the show and do some work on his laptop), "Look at how amazing!" and "Look, are you seeing how incredible this place looks, it's like Heaven on Earth?" He was already aware that I have been dreaming of going one day, but needless to say after the last few weeks of watching two hours of what felt to me like features on Bora Bora, Matt has absolutely know doubt of how serious I am about going! It looks like the most divine place on earth and I am obsessed! Let's all look in awe at the gorgeousness of this magical place now...

Ahhh, maybe if I close my eyes hard enough I will reopen them up and be in this place that looks like my idea of paradise! I know we will not be going anytime soon, but until we do, I can always just re-watch episodes of this seasons Bachelorette!


*images courtesy of Google images