Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Happy first day of summer! We just got back from a long weekend in NYC. We had a ball! Today I woke up and realized it's officially summer! I guess I was in a travel haze and forgot. To celebrate here are some bright and cheerful yellow images I thought you might like...

Here's to lots of sundresses, sunsets over the water, flip flops, beach and pool time, and cookouts! :D

Happy summertime y'all!


*images courtesy of Google and Southern Living. Rotary phone, lemonade dispenser, coral printed wallpaper, bright luggage

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I don't want to talk like a sailor, but I don't mind looking a little like one!

Oh, summertime! Every summer I find myself gravitating towards the classic sailor inspired pieces in fashion. I can't help it! Sailor inspired clothing and accessories are so cute and really fun! Sometimes I like to add just a little detail with an accessory or go all out (but not over-the-top!) with an outfit. I can't think of anyone who doesn't love blue + white stripes! Swoon! There are so many options out there now that are sailor/nautical inspired and I am loving it!

Cutest summer party dress

Fun cocktail ring

Metallic gold top-siders! Yay!

Pretty pendant

Fun + leggy cuff :D

I adore this easy summer dress

Love this unique vintage magnifying glass necklace

Gotta love a super-cute navy & white striped tote!

A fun way to incorporate the look into your wardrobe

Cute and comfy shorts

And a few items for the home...

Note taking needs to be cute too, right?!

Red buoy tea towels!

Pretty decorative brass conch shell

Great way to greet guests


*red, white & blue striped dress, mint + gold anchor ring, metallic gold Sperry top-siders, sailboat pendant, gold octopus cuff, blue + white striped dress, red, white and blue striped bag, gold rope magnifying glass necklace, navy + white striped tote/beach bag, anchor-buckle belt, rope tie shorts, adorable anchor notepad, red buoy tea towels, vintage brass conch shell, cute anchor doormat

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Now that the official start of summer is less than two weeks away and it feels like August outside I am craving bright colors! My summer staple is sundresses and I have been gravitating to all things bright and/or neon. Neon makes me happy, how can it not?! I am currently sporting a fresh pedi with my favorite essie neon pink nail polish that I found at j.crew last spring and it consistently makes me smile.

Happy pink flip-flops

Subtle neonness to spruce up that dress or top that you're a bit bored of

Not-so-subtle, but perfect for summertime!

Love this color!

Absolutely. Amazing.

Pretty pretty.

This bangle is the perfect way to add a hint of neon

Great shirt! And actually very versatile

This fedora would be perfect for a day at the beach, an outdoor summer concert or sightseeing on your summer vacation

These colorful bangles are perfect stacked like this, individually or mixed in with other bangles

Oh, how I love a great maxi dress in the summer {i feel like they help me transition from the hot outdoors into the meat locker indoors}!

A nice bright turn on the wedge

Yay for fun eyeliner!

This is actually a little girls' cardi, but i think it's really cute

A pretty neon pop

This is my bottle of essie polish that I love. It's called Punchy Pink and it makes me smile

So whether wearing neon accessories or apparel, I think it's fun and happy and I love it!


*happy pink flip-flops, yellow bib necklace, neon pink romper, turquoise watch, bright slingback Louboutin's, chandelier earrings, wooden yellow bangle, partial button-down shirt, fun fedora, colorful striped bangles, belted maxi dress, yellow strappy wedges, neon eyeliner, striped cardigan, clutch