Thursday, June 16, 2011

I don't want to talk like a sailor, but I don't mind looking a little like one!

Oh, summertime! Every summer I find myself gravitating towards the classic sailor inspired pieces in fashion. I can't help it! Sailor inspired clothing and accessories are so cute and really fun! Sometimes I like to add just a little detail with an accessory or go all out (but not over-the-top!) with an outfit. I can't think of anyone who doesn't love blue + white stripes! Swoon! There are so many options out there now that are sailor/nautical inspired and I am loving it!

Cutest summer party dress

Fun cocktail ring

Metallic gold top-siders! Yay!

Pretty pendant

Fun + leggy cuff :D

I adore this easy summer dress

Love this unique vintage magnifying glass necklace

Gotta love a super-cute navy & white striped tote!

A fun way to incorporate the look into your wardrobe

Cute and comfy shorts

And a few items for the home...

Note taking needs to be cute too, right?!

Red buoy tea towels!

Pretty decorative brass conch shell

Great way to greet guests


*red, white & blue striped dress, mint + gold anchor ring, metallic gold Sperry top-siders, sailboat pendant, gold octopus cuff, blue + white striped dress, red, white and blue striped bag, gold rope magnifying glass necklace, navy + white striped tote/beach bag, anchor-buckle belt, rope tie shorts, adorable anchor notepad, red buoy tea towels, vintage brass conch shell, cute anchor doormat

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