Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My humble little garden

So, I am going to post the second part of my first gardening post, but before I do, i thought i would share some pictures of my own garden. First things first, as previously mentioned, I am not an avid gardener at all. Frankly I am happy as long as I am not killing helpless little plants. With that said, my garden is of the amateur kind, but I like it and hopefully this post does not bore you to tears!

Rosemary, it grows like a weed

Some lemon basil (this stuff is delicious, if you have not tried it, do it!), a pretty plant, some poblano peppers and lavender that are slowly sprouting up from the seeds I planted.

Basil, jalapenos, some lemon basil that unfortunately drowned, due to tons of rainfall (sad) and a tiny empty pot that I need to fill

I love this pretty purple plant, it attracts butterflies

Fun turquoise lanterns

Another pretty purple plant, it's called salvia, which i believe is the stuff miley cyrus smoked at some point???! All I know is that it's pretty to look at.

Our turquoise adirondack chairs that we painted a couple of months ago

These adirondack chairs are bright in person, but they are even brighter in photos

Since this post is of the outside variety, i decided to throw in some grilling pictures too

My hubby, the grilling guru (as he likes to think ;))

When the weather is warm and nice, we like to grill out a lot

We love grilling pizzas...mmmmmm....they're sooo good on the grill

Almost ready, just have to let the fresh mozzarella melt :)

We also have some poppies, that I love, but the blooms just fell off :( And we have three pretty hostas on the front porch that I did not get around to taking any pictures of.

I hope you enjoy your nice long upcoming weekend! :D


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  1. Love those lanterns, I saw some like them at Z gallery, cute


Thanks so much for your comment! You really add some sparkle to my day!