Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fun for the 4th

I hope y'all had a Happy 4th of July! We sure did! We went down to Pensacola for four days and it was wonderful! :) We went snorkeling off of Ft. Pickens and we saw lots of hermit crabs and really pretty fish! Matt saw a blown up puffer fish and Katie and Matt both saw red snapper, but I was on the beach at the time and did not see any...maybe next time! Katie and I were laughing at Matt as he tried to body board in the small waves one day because he just kept getting tossed around in the surf but he would get right back up and do it again and again like a little boy! We had so much fun! We ate lots of great seafood, laughed a lot, thoroughly enjoyed the beach, stayed up too late, and had a ball. I can't wait to go back! I did not take many pictures while we were there, but below i posted a few of the little I did take.

This quote sums up how I felt while we were on our vacation...


Matt and me at Jaco's in Pensacola for dinner

Meghan and me

Matt and me

Meghan, Katie and me

Yay for sisters being together :)

Katie's boyfriend, Bryan, and me

Matt & me on the 4th of July

Matt snapped this picture of Katie and me without us knowing and I think it's hilarious

This one we're prepared for! :D

I cannot believe the 4th has already come and gone! Summertime...slow down please!


*image courtesy of Tumblr.

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  1. Hi Lauren, I saw your comment on the Design Sponge site (I follow them as well).
    I was drawn in by your Quote ...."when you stop to look Life is pretty amazing"!
    My husband and I are former school educators and are trying to start a Movement of spreading Positive Energy; Recognizing Others!
    The website and Blog are still a bit of a work in progress. Trying to get with a designer.
    However, we are so very excited!
    I was wondering if you could share what has been your biggest challenge?
    Would love to hear from you...............hugs....deb


Thanks so much for your comment! You really add some sparkle to my day!