Monday, April 23, 2012

Our Nest Is Expanding

So, for the past several weeks I have had great intentions of posting about the changes happening in our lives, but for one reason or the other my intentions have not become a reality...until today. Well, we are expecting our first baby and I am super close in about a month away from my due date! We are so excited and feel so blessed about this wonderful gift! I have had a very smooth pregnancy, I've really enjoyed it actually, and I feel so grateful for that because I know that's definitely not the case with many women. We have been super busy preparing for our little baby that will be here very soon. The nursery was painted weeks ago, the crib is assembled, and the other furniture pieces have been put in their places, I just have the final touches to wrap up and I can't wait to share some photos when it is all complete! :)

I apologize in advance if I'm boring y'all to tears, but if you're at all interested in seeing how my pregnancy has been coming along, I've posted some pictures below from over the past eight months (wow, that's a long time!)...

Matt, the day we found out our big news!

Me and one of my best friends at her baby shower. I'm about two months here.

Us at Thanksgiving. I'm about three months along.

 New Year's 2012! About 4 months along here.

20 weeks - halfway!

This does not pertain to this post, but I just wanted to share a picture of this cute beach chair Matt got me for my birthday in January! I can't wait to use it soon!

23 weeks

25 weeks

26 weeks

27 weeks

The four pictures above are all at a little over 28 weeks.

31 weeks

 32 weeks along. This was when my big baby shower was. It was incredible and I had the best time!

Easter Sunday - a little over 33 weeks!

I don't have much longer now and Matt & I can't wait to meet our little baby!


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