Monday, June 7, 2010

A bit about me

My hubby and me on our honeymoon in fabulous Kauai, Hawaii

Us enjoying the amazing Napali Coast...I want to go back!

Hi, I am Lauren and I live in Atlanta with my husband. I have been married to the best man I have ever met and my best friend for one year and four months to the day, actually! :) I am one lucky girl to have been blessed with my amazing husband, Matt, and I think of that every day with a smile on my face! ;)

I have many interests and aspirations and I have learned a lot about myself up to this point in my life. I love love love to decorate...any room really. We recently moved to a different part of town and I have thoroughly enjoyed decorating our new home! My favorite things to wear are sundresses...I wear them all summer long. Peonies and ranunculus make me happy. My two favorite colors are Porcelain or Robin's Egg blue and Kelley green. I love to bake and cook...I have been baking and cooking a lot lately and I am really loving it. I miss my family (in Florida and Mississippi for the most part) and my best friends (mostly in Alabama) often, but enjoy when we visit each other or catch up over the phone, which happens frequently. I am the oldest of my two incredible sisters, Katie and Meghan, who are two of my very best friends. My mom is also one of my very best friends, we have a great relationship and talk all the time! I am in love with the beach and I miss it dearly...the recent oil spill makes me sick to my stomach. I pray for a miracle to prevent the all gorgeous beaches along the Gulf Coast from becoming destroyed and for all of the families who will lose their livelihood for years to come.


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