Thursday, June 24, 2010

Time to go under

Well, my surgeries went well and I am happy to be home! All of my surgeries have been outpatient, so I have have been able to come home after each one, which I am grateful for. I am feeling very sore and tender, but I have been able to somehow muster up the strength to type (not that typing takes a lot of strength)! It was a very long day, the OR was running behind, so we had to wait two and a half hours before I was called back for pre-op. I was fine, but I felt bad that Matt and my mom had to wait so long. My mother-in-law came by as well, which was so sweet (she has come to the hospital for all of my surgeries), but normally she arrives after I have been taken back and just waits with Matt and my mom until I have come out of surgery and my oncologist lets them know how the surgeries went. Yesterday when she arrived I was still in the room waiting to go into pre-op and she was surprised to see me sitting there, but it was good to see her before I was taken back. The nurses are wonderful, but I had to be stuck three times before the IV actually worked, because according to every nurse who has ever given me an IV or taken my blood, my veins are very tiny. This is normal for me and painful and I hate it because the nurses always get so upset because they don't want to hurt me, but I understand my veins are just complicated and they are doing their very best. After waiting a while and talking to nurses, anesthesiologists, and my doctor, it was time for surgery. My surgeries were originally scheduled for 1:00pm, but did not start until 5:00pm because the OR was running so behind that morning.

I hate how out of it I feel after being put under. I have been put to sleep for all of my surgeries and the first time I wake up I'm in a room along with other patients and recovery nurses and my body just hurts and I feel very very loopy. After a little bit I am wheeled into another recovery room and my family can come visit me. Yesterday Matt and my mom came in and it felt like I was looking at three of each person! My recovery nurse came in and gave me some Sprite because I have always gotten very sick from the anesthesia. She then told me that I needed to eat a few saltines before I could take any pain medication because it is not good to take them on an empty stomach, especially for me because I react very strongly to medicine. After the anesthesiologist approved that it was okay for me to go home, I got dressed (which is always a daunting task when coming off of anesthesia)! And I was wheeled out to the car.

When we got home I just wanted to wash my face and lay down, which was nice to do in my own bed. My sweet husband went to the store to pick up some ginger ale, my favorite magazines, bandages, paper tape (because I am highly allergic to band-aids and certain adhesives) Vitamin Water Zero (the lemonade and orange flavors (my favorite!)) and some candy for when I was feeling better of course (I am like a child with candy, I love it)! I slept okay last night, but it is difficult to get comfortable because I have so many stitched up areas (I have 48 stitches total) that are delicate and sensitive, but my husband and mom have been taking great care of me!


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