Monday, July 26, 2010

A great escape!

Pretty sunset from our view

So, two weekends ago Matt and I went on a mini vacation to Florida and it was so great to escape for a bit. We went down to Pensacola to visit my family. Matt & I were lucky enough to get to stay in a fabulous home on the water overlooking the bay. The home belongs to some friends of Katie's who she was house sitting for. Thanks so much Katie! :)

The beautiful home where we stayed

The view from our bedroom!

We had such a nice time relaxing and enjoying each others company!

Matt & Me

Meghan, Me & Katie

Katie & Me

Cute :)

Me & Matt enjoying lunch with Katie at McGuire's

While we were there, we had a lot of fun cooking and drinking wine and margaritas!

The awesome kitchen!

And of course we ventured over to the beach a couple of times and it looked sign of oil! Matt, Katie, her boyfriend Bryan, and I went to this fun little open-air bar on Pensacola beach called Bimini Bar and had mojitos and oysters while overlooking the water. It was great to get to see my sisters, Katie and Meghan...I love when the three of us are together!

Meghan, Me & Katie

Oh, and one last thing, the season four premier of Mad Men was last night! Matt and I love that show and have been anticipating last nights episode since the ending of season three! I thought it was fantastic, as always, but I have to admit it felt weird seeing Don and Betty divorced and living separate lives (even though they sort of always have) but seeing them really apart was different...I want them back together...without all of Don's cheating, of course (but then I guess there would not be much of a show)!


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