Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bending the lines

I know some think they may have already had their shining moment, but I still love chevron stripes. I think chevron stripes are the perfect amount of fun and drama and i just really love them. And they make me smile every time i see them.

i love this super-cute dress

These colorful calling cards are so happy looking

Perfect mini cake pedestal

Charming and subtle

I think this is the most adorable little bikini

I can't get enough of this fabric



*entry way rug, cute party dress, fun lucite tray, colorful calling cards, fun mini cake stand, table, itsy bitsy striped bikini, nautical striped dress, lovely fabric, blue ikat floor

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  1. I enjoy chevron stripes too, especially when they're in bright, fun colors. Right now I'm LOVING quatrefoil patterns as well.


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