Monday, February 28, 2011

Well, her shoes were my favorite part

Okay, so, yikes! I was so pumped and excited to see all of the amazing gowns, shoes, jewels and accessories last night and I have to say, i felt pretty disappointed when it was all said and done. So much anticipation leading up and what the heck was that?????

So, let's start with the hosting jobs. First of all, i do like both James Franco and Anne Hathaway, and I can only imagine the nerves as well as the pressure they felt, but it was kind of hard to watch them. Boring is the word that comes to mind. I thought James Franco seemed very disinterested the majority of the time. I think this kind of night should be left to the comedians, i think there is so much pressure on all the nominees and there desperately needs to be some great comedic relief. Also, funny people are great when an awkward moment happens (like let's say, when someone may or may not have forgotten his wife's name!) I respect what they were trying to do, showcase two great young actors, but i think it's best for them to do just that, movies. My fingers are crossed for a comedian to host next year.

Now, on to the good stuff, the fashion. Ummmm, this year just felt like something was missing. Of course there were some gorgeous gowns, but nothing that made me giddy or made my jaw drop with excitement, like the Oscars usually do.

Here are my favorite looks:
I think Natalie Portman knocked it out of the park last night...that color looked insane on her! And i looooove her tassel earrings.

I think Mila Kunis looked amazing, the only thing that caught me off guard was the peekaboo lace on the neck line...a bit confusing for me, but overall i loved this look.

Michelle Williams looked incredible in Chanel, she looked like a fairy and she was glowing! Gorgeous!

At first, i was not sure who she was (honestly, i had not really even heard of Winter's Bone), but whoa, Jennifer Lawrence rocked it in that Calvin Klein number. Simple and stunning!

Hailee Steinfeld looked adorable and very age appropriate in Marchesa (evidently she helped design it too!) Love.

Obviously Halle Berry looked amazing (i don't think she could look bad if she tried) i felt like the look was a bit safe, but clearly she looks awesome.

So Jennifer Hudson looks incredible in this Versace gown, really, but i think she needs to put a halt to the weight loss though, no?!

I am on the fence about these looks:
I realize that Cate Blanchette is all about the fashion and I think she is absolutely gorgeous, but this dress is a little weird. I could not take my eyes off of it when i saw her on tv, but the bust part just looks really odd, maybe if it was completely beaded instead of that hollow circle thing? It looks like a frame for something. The lilac color looks fabulous on her though.

I think this is a nice change for Mandy Moore and I do think this Monique Lhuillier gown is gorgeous, i just feel like it washes her out too much.

Oh no, the worst:
All i can say is: Eeeeek! I feel like this is a puzzle that I cannot figure out! Why the red shoes?! And why the bangs in the face?! I do not understand!

I like Marisa Tomei, but no. No. Not for me.

Why, Melissa Leo? Why wear a doily to the Oscars????!

The best moment of the night for me was...
Those shoes! Oh, those shoes! The show was worth watching just to see those gorgeous things! Wow! Fabulous!

Oh my! Those Brian Atwood numbers need to be mine, yeah right! They were custom made for Anne Hathaway (and there are reportedly an estimated 8,000 crystals encrusted on those beauties!)

Also, i got a little misty-eyed when all of the kids came out to sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow at the end. They were too cute and i thought they did a fantastic job!


*images courtesy of InStyle and coolspotters

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  1. idk how we're even sisters, because I didn't even notice her shoes. haha! they are beautiful though. i loved mila kunis' dress and hair.


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