Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Getting settled

Well, we're now residents of Nashville, TN! We moved in a little over a week ago and we are getting acclimated with Nashville and our new home. I have been busy unpacking boxes and trying to get re-organized! It's a lot of work! I so wish there was an easier way to unpack everything and put it in it's proper place!

Matt won two tickets to a Nashville Predators ice hockey game in a drawing at work, so we went to the game last night had a good time. It was a welcomed break from unpacking!

With all that has been going on in our lives, I have not had any time to get to any new posts, so I am going to post some overdue pictures from over the holidays when we were in Florida...

Me and Matt at McGuire's

Katie, Meghan, Me & Matt having lunch at McGuire's

Out shopping

Cool light fixture

Distressed from all the amazing furniture...I wanted all of it!

Love when we're all together!

I guess I better get back to the boxes and the organizing!


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  1. Ugh... come back and visit! I miss you all! I really want to get up to Nashville, so badly. You need to do a post of pictures of your new place, after it is all set up. I love the new background. Very Valentine's appropriate. I love you! ps. happy early anniversary ;)


Thanks so much for your comment! You really add some sparkle to my day!