Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunscreen(ing) Sun Care

With all of the sunscreen options out there, the choices can be very overwhelming. Since I do have a history of melanoma, I am serious about my sunscreen selections. I feel like many of the best options are the least publicized. Have you ever searched for sunscreen on any online retailer? If so, you may have noticed that there are about 1,598,734 companies to chose from (well that's how i feel anyway!). According to an article by the Environmental Working Group three out of five sunscreens in the U.S. would not even be acceptable in Europe due to their inadequate UVA protection. UVA protection is the most important factor of a sunscreen. Click here to jump to a link that I have found to be very helpful when selecting a sunscreen to purchase for my family and maybe you will too. The EWG link provides an Overall Score of some sunscreens as well as a rating for SPF, UVA protection, UVA/UVB Balance, Sunscreen Stability, Health Concern and Other Concerns. There is a Hall of Shame list for some sunscreens to watch out for and lots and lots of great tips on sun safety as well as other helpful information.

As i have mentioned numerous times before, I adore the beach, and I love spending time there. So, after I was diagnosed with melanoma, I was petrified that if I went to the beach that would be "frowned upon". I go to the beach because I love it there, not to lay out and get sun (although I have in the past). After discussing this with my dermatologists, I was told that as long as I am careful and wear sunscreen there is no reason that I should avoid the beach. I value my doctor's opinions and it was reassuring for me to hear that I should continue to live my life as I normally would while taking extra precautions.

So, here are some of my favorite sun care products...

Both of these sunscreens are great for the body. I have really sensitive skin, so I tend to reach for the sensitive or baby formulas for my own personal use

Another fantastic body sunscreen

Here is a great body sunscreen in the wipe-on form...I know some people are not big fans of the cream formulas

Don't forget lip sunscreen! The skin on your lips is very thin and therefore highly susceptible to sun damage

Here are two great options for the face. I love both of them. Baby formulas are normally much better and usually contain less harmful chemicals.

This is a wonderful everyday face moisturizer with added sun protection

This is the makeup I use, it's SPF 12, but that is on top of my moisturizer.

So, we all want a glow, right?! Here is an amazing self-tanning line that I first discovered about four years towelette form! The top product is a 3-in-one (exfoliator, buffer, and moisturizer) and the second is the actual self tanning product. I think it works very well and it's easy to apply, which is always good.

I used to be a fan of the spray-on sunscreens, because they're easy and fast to apply, but I have learned that a lot of the time the spray is ingested and that it is really harmful to the lungs because of nano-particles found in the sunscreen (don't ask me what those are :)).

Now, don't be scared of the sun! It provides vitamin D which is really important to your overall health. I think the sun is a wonderful thing, but we should all be careful and try to take very good care of ourselves! So, go out and enjoy the sun with some good sunscreen on! ;)


*Image via, Blue Lizard sensitive skin, Blue Lizard Baby, Vanicream, Supergoop, Beyond Coastal lip balm, Mustela, Aveeno Baby, Elta MD moisturizer, Bobbi Brown foundation, Tan Towel


  1. LOVE this post!!! Such great information! It amazes me how much sunscreen manufacturers make up. I also adore your new picture. Keep up the great work. I love this blog!!! : )

  2. Thanks for the rundown - in New Zealand we live right under the hole in ozone so if you go out in the sun without sunscreen for even a second, you'll definitely get burnt!

    Andrea x


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