Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bag Lady

I am an accessories girl. I absolutely adore clothes, but I love accessories. I get giddy over shoes, bags, jewelry, belts, scarves, etc. I just love how accessories can really change an outfit. I love that accessories can make a go-to dress or outfit feel fresh and new. Accessories are so fun to me and there are so many great options. With the beginning of fall literally starting tomorrow I decided to share some handbags and clutches that I think are great for the upcoming season.

Polka dotted clutch with brown buckle detailing. Sold!

I love anything in cobalt. And I adore the gold tipped point on this clutch.

Hello bright pink stripe. You just made my day.

Another great envelope clutch...this time in leopard!

Absolutely adore the contrast. So fantastic.

My husband would laugh if I purchased this bag because of it's mini size. I tend to carry too much stuff around in my bags (unless I'm carrying a clutch for an evening), so this darling little bag is not very practical for me, but I still think it's super cute.

Gah! This color blocking rocks. I like a lot. And you can't see it in this image, but the short handle is another shade of gorgeous blue! Swoon x's 100.

This bag is also a bit small, but it's just too pretty to ignore.

This color is complete eye candy to me. I love the shape and vintage feel as well.

Gorgeous classic. Goes with everything.

I really love the zebra print. 

Kelly green goodness. 

Yes please. The colors are amazing.

So, I know this is not a handbag, but can we please discuss the awesomeness of this duffle bag?! Slap sequins on anything and I'm a happy girl. I am crazy about this bag. For reals. 

Fall offically begins tomorrow!


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  1. officially my favorite blogger. i love bags. love them. i am really into shoes right now though, which never really has been the case. for me it has always been a flip flop/sandal summer and boots in winter. but, i am always interested in bags!


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