Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missoni for Target Mayhem

Yesterday, like many others, I braved Target first thing in the morning for the debut of the Missoni for Target line. I have been an admirer of Missoni for years, eyeing their gorgeous prints in magazines and on television when some celebrity is sporting their garb. When I first heard of their line for Target months and months ago I was already anticipating it's arrival. I have been gawking over all of the mags throughout the past few months with photos of pieces of the line and I went through the whole lookbook online a while ago. I had been building up a mental wish list of the goods I wanted. Now, clearly Target did an amazing job with the marketing for this line which only made it more and more sought out. I think many people who normally may have not have been interested almost felt a need to get their hands on pieces of the Missoni for Target line due to all of the insane hype. I mean, the site had crashed first thing in the morning and was having serious issues all day yesterday. I got on the site last night just to see if anything was left and it was still having issues.

Back to my crazy adventure. So, I got there at 8:05am due to some unexpected insane traffic. The parking lot was already crowded for 8am. I hit up the clothes first and grabbed the four items I had my eye on. Score! Directly across from the clothes were the adorable accessories. I was able to get the scarf I wanted as well as the tote bag. The accessories were already looking picked over and it must have been 8:10. Next I marched over to the highly anticipated home items. I headed over to the pillows and throws shelf first which was completely empty. Completely. Dang it, I really wanted one of those gorgeous throws. Then I wandered over to the tableware and picked up some adorable tumblers, mugs, and trays. The nesting prep bowls I wanted so bad were gone, only to be seen in the few carts of the girls who were able to get their hands on them first. After tableware I decided to walk back over to the pillows and throws shelf and a super sweet worker let me know that they were currently grabbing some more of the inventory from the back, so I decided to stand there and wait for a few minutes. Several other girls took notice and gathered around, all anticipating this extra inventory. Within minutes two men walked up dragging one of those large flat beds on wheels with several stacked boxes on it. I swear the men looked scared as they approached this large crowd of girls gathered around hovering over their full carts crazily anticipating what was going to come out of those boxes. One of the men then opened the first box and kindly handed me one of the most-wanted throws I had been waiting on. Yay! Then, I kid you not, the men just started to rip open the boxes and toss the pillows and throws into the crazy crowd of screaming girls with their hands in the air. Pure hysteria and when you think about it, freaking hilarious. Sheesh. Needless to say the rest of the inventory was gone just as soon as those men got those boxes open! I then finished meandering throughout the rest of the store since all of the Missoni merchandise was on the end caps of the aisles. I scored some of the flats, beauty items, and stationery. My sister, Katie and I texted and talked throughout our local Missoni for Target trips about our finds and experiences which was comical! I have failed to mention that throughout the more than two hours I was in Target (that's right more than two hours! Absurd, i know!) I filtered through my cart at least ten times trying to leave only the things i really loved. I mean, how many freakin' note books do I need (no matter how cute they were!) and I don't even really use pencils! After one last edit of my cart I was finally leaving Target - still with too much Missoni. Here are some of the items I was lucky enough to get my hands on...

Love this throw! It's really soft.

Super cute dress, great with a long sleeve top underneath for the upcoming cooler weather

Comfy flats

Long cardi - cute with jeans + boots

Pretty tote bag

I adore this candle and clearly this is my favorite print! :)

Here are the super adorable prep bowls I wanted, but was not lucky enough to leave with (Katie scored the last set at her Target, lucky girl!)...
Aren't they fab?!

Oh, and I have to say that even though it felt like black Friday on steroids all of the workers were so nice and all of the way too excited girls were really sweet to one another...we were all talking and laughing at ourselves! :)


*All images courtesy of Target and Google

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