Thursday, September 9, 2010

In black & white

Black & white, such a classic combination, but I love the elegant simplicity of the two together! Black and white is a timeless match in fashion and decorating. I love the two hues together by themselves, or when another color is added for a fun pop! Black & white photographs always look so captivating and pretty. I love how there are always new and fresh ways the duo are being used together, so the match never gets old! Yep, I do love the timeless stark contrast of black & white!

What an adorable little party dress!

Such a cute bangle

Love this handbag

Such a lovely bedroom...i really love the mini chandeliers!

How fun is this little half-apron? It suddenly makes cooking a bit glamorous!

The perfectly pretty way to enjoy a morning cup of coffee or an afternoon tea

I think this tableware would make any dish taste a little bit better!


*Party dress, cute bangle, fun & fierce handbag, pretty bedroom, flirty half-apron, dainty monogrammed mug, dotted tableware


  1. Beautiful collection of black and white! Those letter cups are lovely!

  2. Thank you so much for the sweet comment! The mugs are from Anthropologie...they always have the cutest stuff!


Thanks so much for your comment! You really add some sparkle to my day!