Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mighty Tighty

So now that it's fall and the temperature has been slightly dropping around here (even though it will fluctuate like mad for the next several weeks before it decides to stay put!) i am thinking about cooler weather wear. Fickle weather can be a wee bit frustrating when deciding on daily attire! I love wearing tights in the fall and winter. I think they are so cute and comfortable. There are sooo many options out there now, which is fantastic and I'm loving it! Here are some that I have currently been eyeing...

Aubergine is one of my favorite fall colors

I love the oversized gingham!

Fun and wavy

Feelin' foxy

Cute and dotty

Chocolate + black houndstooth!

Fair Isle fun

Glamorous retro back-seam

Super-cute plaid...i love this color combo


Sweet little hearts!

Okay, now I'm really getting excited for the cooler weather! :)


*Aubergine argyle, great gingham, grey and wavy, fun & foxy, adorable spots, houndstooth print, Fair Isle sweater tights, flirty back-seam, pretty plaid, galloping ponies, cute mini hearts

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  1. I'm so ready for new tights for fall. Of course both of my favourite pairs - the polka dot and the back-seams - are both from J.Crew! I love the little hearts too.


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